mel_homeMelanie Culver is an Assistant Leader at the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona. Her research focus is using genetic tools and analyses to contribute to management decisions and the conservation of wildlife.  She – together with her graduate students, postdocs, interns, undergraduates, and high school students – uses genetic and genomic approaches across a broad variety of disciplines, including but not limited to, evolution, ecology, behavioral ecology, population dynamics, and virology, together with a wide array of collaborators which contribute to protecting ecosystems their wildlife communities.

Teaching Statement

I believe that a respectful and equitable learning environment is essential, where each student is treated with respect and given an equal chance to participate, if they choose. In my experience, most students have a better learning experience by active participation in some types of projects whether the project be solo or in a group setting. I teach a graduate/upper level Conservation Genetics course every fall semester, and one of my graduate students teaches an online version of this course every summer.  I also teach a variety of topics in seminar courses format. 

Project funding and fellowships to support stipend for new students will be required before accepting any students into my laboratory.

Here is the link to apply to the University of Arizona School of Natural resources:, and  here is a link to apply to the University of Arizona Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program ABBS program.