• University of Arizona
    • Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (Summer 2021-Current)
  • JAE Intro Scholarship
    • Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC, Seville) 10/2020-02/2021
  • UIMP-CSIC (Spain)
    • MSc in Biodiversity of Tropical Areas and its Conservation (2020)
  • Universidad de Salamanca
    • BS Biology (2018)


I am a passionate naturalist. Following my interests, I graduated in biology and completed a MSc in biodiversity and conservation of tropical areas. During my studies, I had the opportunity to discover and learn about several groups of animals and plants. Meanwhile, I became particularly interested in mammals. The huge diversity of bats and rodents soon caught my attention, and I dedicated my BSc and MSc theses to these amazing groups. During my BSc I studied the communities of bats in Mediterranean forests of Spain, and for my MSc I got the opportunity to go the Sahara to study the awesome Saharan jerboas (Jaculus spp.). This last project introduced me both to genomics and the study of desert wildlife. I am now continuing this line of work in the Culver Lab, where I will do my PhD. As part of the Baja GeoGenomics project, I will investigate how past geological changes in the Baja California Peninsula shaped the genomic spatial patterns that occur nowadays in different species. In particular, I will be studying the population genomics of a species of rodent (Neotoma bryanti) and one cactus (Stenocereus gumosus), and I will collaborate in the annotation of the genome of a lizard (Urosaurus nigricaudus). All of them are widespread across the Baja Peninsula.


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