We collaborate with wildlife and land management agencies to ensure our work is addressing current wildlife threats and the management needs. Melanie’s lab collaborates with a huge number of field biologists who assist in obtaining samples, help in developing goals and objectives, and make our research more relevant to conservation and management.

Bobwhite Phylogeography

Brandt Fairclough, UL

Buenos Aires NWR, USFWS


Topminnow population identification

Arizona Game and Fish Department


Bureau of Reclamation

Bill Stewart, BOR

Doug Duncan, USFWS

Phil Hedrick

Jaguar and Carnivore Diet

T&E Inc.

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Ivonne Cassaigne

eDNA monitoring of vertebrates in the Sea of Cortez


Adrian Munguia Vega

Effects of harvest on the sexual structure and genetic diversity of a puma population

Summerlee Foundation

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Ken Logan, CO P&W

Daryl Trumbo, CO P&W

Chris Funk, CSU

Prairie Dog Taxonomy

Arizona Game and Fish Department Heritage Fund

Holly Hicks, AZGFD

Sonoyta Mud Turtle Taxonomy


Caracara Phylogenetics and Conservation Genomics

Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida 

Joan Morrison

Doug Jenness

Rich Glinski


List the 10 or more collaborators


Trail Camera Study

Steve Winter and Alex Braczkowski (National Geographic Society, NGS)

Jim Beissel and Lana Beissel (Wildlife Protection Solutions, WPS)