The Culver Conservation Genetic Lab believes in mentoring students of all backgrounds and ages (from high school through grad-school). The value of mentoring cannot be overstated as a good mentor mentee relationship can build students’ career path and inspire future leaders. Our lab (Melanie and her many graduate students) has served as a mentor to over 40 interns, undergraduate students, rotation students, high school students over the past 18 years, which is an average of more than two per year. 

List of mentored students (Alphabetical): (over 40 students)

Tristin Anaya (STAR High School student intern) 2020-2021

Maya Begay (KEYS HS summer intern) 2014  

Meagan Bethel (THS High School intern, SARSEF science fair poster) 2014

Davide Bergamuche (Entomology Rotation student) 2019   

Sonja Bonar (ASU undergraduate summer intern) 2019

Will Buck (UHS High School summer intern) 2019   

Jose Luis Camarena (Undergraduate  USGS Minority Training Program) xx  cora

Debbie Chen (Genetics GIDP/ABBS Rotation student) 2014    

Consuelo Cortes (Genetics GIDP Rotation student) 2010

Mila Crevar (High School summer intern) 2013

Varda Datar (work study trainee) 2007

Connor Davey (BASIS High School summer intern) 2011  

Miranda Dillon (UA undergraduate Honors theses) 2021-2022                      

Cassandra Feely (UA undergraduate student intern) 2012

Emma Froelich (work study trainee) 2015-2021

Janae Giroux (Volunteer trainee) 2019-2020

Neha Gosalia (work study trainee) 2006

Uma Goyal (undergraduate student intern) 2005

Frances Honoman (Catalina High School student summer intern) 2019

Joshua Hoskinson (UA Honors College thesis) 2016

Bianca Judy (City High School Intern) 2011 – 2012

Polina Kamalova (UA Honors College undergraduate intern) 2013-2015

Luke Kim (KEYS intern) 2018

Steve Mackie (Pima CC Professor) 2009-2019

Matthew Mayer (KEYS HS summer intern) 2020   

Matthew Mayer (STAR High School student intern) 2020-2021        

Nick McKenna (THS High School student intern) 2017   

Nadira Mitchell (UHS High School student summer intern) 2019     

Mallory Parker (UA undergraduate intern) 2018                   

Ysa Pitman (Marburg High School student summer intern) 2008   

Sergio Redondo (WAESO Intern, McNair Scholar) 2012      

Greg Reida  (KEYS HS summer intern) 2007 

Yoseline Robledo (UA undergraduate intern) 2015

Amelia Rosenberg (UA undergrad student) 2014

Anna Kegan Scott (UA Honors College thesis) 2014

Anupama Sethuraman (undergrad work study training) 2018

Sydnee Sexton (UA undergraduate intern) 2012               

David Slovikosky (Computer Sciences MS intern) 2016-2018

Sandy Slovikosky (Desert Christian HS intern, SARSEF science fair poster) 2015-2016

Any Sosa (UBRP summer intern) 2014

Daniel Sotelo (KEYS HS summer intern)  2007

Lindsey Stolze (ABBS Rotation student) 2016            

John Sullivan (ABBS Rotation student) 2021