Conservation Genetics Lab


Conservation Genetics Lab


Conservation Genetics Lab is taught as the companion course to Conservation Genetics.  This is a laboratory based course designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students an understanding of how genetic methods are applied to problems in conservation.

The primary goals of the class are to give students first-hand experience on working in a conservation genetics lab and publishing a research paper. Students will learn the steps involved in taking a research project from idea to publication.

Emphasis will be on lab work, data analyses, and the process of writing and reviewing a research paper. Some of the laboratory techniques include DNA isolation procedures, PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA sequence editing, microsatellite analyses, and the use of computer programs required to analyze molecular data.

Students are expected to be enrolled concurrently or previously in Conservation Genetics (WFSC/GENE/ECOL 430/530), but exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.  Previously experience is wet labs is not a prerequisite, but is beneficial.

For more information check here:
Course Syllabus
Course Flyer

If you have other questions email one of us:
Dr. Melanie Culver:
TA: Karla Vargas:

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